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The Central Numismatic Philately of Rome is on the market since 1970. It is an activity specialized in the purchase and sale of ancient and modern coins, ancient and modern Italian and world stamps, Italian and world banknotes, postal history, postcards, medals and badges. Evaluation for purchasing purpose are also done. The shop is located in the very heart of Rome (Via Sistina 19) facing the Sistina theatre. It is easily reachable from both Barberini MetroA station and the Spanish steps which are few steps away. If you come by car, the shop is located 1 minute walking distance from Ludovisi car park. The Central Philately Numismatics, Stamps and Coins shop, is the ideal place for passionate and novice collectors or simply for those who want to enter the fascinating world of philately and numismatics. At the same time it is also the perfefect place for people who want to enrich their numismatic and philatelic skills or just want to make an unespected gift to somebody else. Furthermore, the shop offers a vast number of accessories of the best brands to best preserve your collection.




We offer the novelty and subscription service for stamps and coins from Italy, the Vatican, San Marino and the rest of the world. We ship throughout Italy or if you prefer you can collect your items directly at the store. We evaluate and purchase stamps, ancient and modern coins, medals, Italian and world banknotes. Evaluations have a cost and can only be done by appointment. We kindly ask you to call us in order to get information regarding duration and costs of the evaluation, nevertheless we are not interested in every kind of collection. We are not interested in the old lira and euro coins even if on the internet can be found wrong informations regarding their rarity. We only consider special editions and boxes of the above mentioned lira and euro. We kindly invite you to give us a call before coming in order to avoid an empty journey.

Repubblica Italiana Gronchi Rosa 1961 in Quartina

Repubblica Italiana, Gronchi Rosa in quartina. Famoso e raro francobollo Italiano emesso nel 1961 e...
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Sicilia 1859 lettera assicurata affrancata 1 grano e 5 grana.

Antichi Stati Italiani Sicilia 1859, 1 grano IIa tavola, bruno oliva su carta di Napoli + 5 grana I...
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Italia 1933, serie trittici Crociera Nord Atlantica in fogli interi

Regno d'Italia 1933, francobolli di posta aerea, serie completa trittici Crociera Nord Atlantica, l...
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Oncia da 30 Tari Ferdinando III 1791

Numismatica-Antichi Stati Italiani-Regno di Sicilia Ferdinando III di Borbone, Regno di Sicilia, O...
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Quadro Storia della Lira

Numismatica-Monete Repubblica Italiana- Quadro tipologico delle monete della lira Repubblica Itali...
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Piastra 120 Grana - Ferdinando I - 1818 Regno delle due Sicilie

Regno delle due Sicilie, Ferdinando I di Borbone , piastra da 120 grana anno 1818 zecca Napoli, mon...
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500.000 Lire Raffaello Sanzio

Banconota della Repubblica Italiana, taglio da 500.000 Lire Raffaello Sanzio. Emissione Banca d'Ita...
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100 Franchi Nuove Ebridi

Cartamoneta Estera-Nuove Ebridi- Banconota delle Nuove Ebridi da 100 franchi 1970...
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5 Lire Vittorio Emanuele III 1901 - effigie di Umberto I - Matrice laterale

Biglietti di Stato - Regno d'Italia - Vittorio Emanuele III - banconota da 5 lire anno 04-09-1901...
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Croce da Commendatore al merito della Repubblica Italiana

Croce da Commendatore al merito della Repubblica Italiana, con astuccio. La croce di smalto bianco...
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Medaglia in argento Bimillenario di Augusto

Medaglia di grande modulo in argento 986/1000 coniata per celebrare il Bimillenario di Caio Giulio ...
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Microscopio digitale USB per monete e francobolli

Microscopio digitale USB essenziale per scoprire dettagli che non sono invisibili a occhio nudo, id...
Prezzo: € 160,00

Classificatori per francobolli

Classificatori per francobolli Comfort, copertina imbottita in similpelle. Album per francobolli di...
Prezzo: € 13,00

Cassettiera portamonete

Cassettiera portamonete, articolo di ottima qualità con venature in legno color mogano pu&og...
Prezzo: € 120,00
Filatelia Numismatica Centrale, since 1970
Numismatics, philately, paper money, postal history and medals, are all elements of a collection that tells the story of centuries of man's life, have a great substance at the base and introduce us to a world made of culture, knowledge and business that they can have great value, from economic to historical, patriotic and generational.

A beautiful old coin, a series of commemorative stamps, banknotes of our old lira, a medal or an old stamped envelope from a particular historical period, can become an excellent gift idea for a friend, a lover or a loved one. , both as a good omen and to create a unique emotional atmosphere, without forgetting that it will acquire value over time.

* The site is under construction. For information on stamps, coins and various products, please contact us on 06-6793959