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Filatelia Numismatica Centrale s.n.c

Evaluations and Purchase of Stamps, Coins, Banknotes and Medals.

Our shop, active in Rome in Via Sistina 19 (in front of the Sistina theater) since 1970, is a meeting place between supply and demand. The serious and professional relationship with the customer is the basis of our business. It is an activity specialized in the purchase of both ancient and modern stamps and coins, mint-packed and collectible Euro coins, Italian and world banknotes, medals and badges, postal history.
We offer the novelty and subscription service for stamps and coins from Italy, the Vatican, San Marino and the rest of the world. We ship throughout Italy or if you prefer you can collect your items directly at the store. We evaluate and purchase stamps, ancient and modern coins, medals, Italian and world banknotes. Evaluations have a cost and can only be done by appointment. We kindly ask you to call us in order to get information regarding duration and costs of the evaluation, nevertheless we are not interested in every kind of collection. We are not interested in the old lira and euro coins even if on the internet can be found wrong informations regarding their rarity. We only consider special editions and boxes of the above mentioned lira and euro. We kindly invite you to give us a call before coming in order to avoid an empty journey.




Filatelia Numismatica Centrale is a stamp and coin trading shop on the market since 1970. It is located in the hearth of rome (via Sistina 19), near Barberini MetroA station, two minutes from the Spanish steps and the Ludovisi car park. Shops and the brand new La Rinascente department store are close by. Our shop is the ideal place for passionate collectors and novices who want to delve into the fascinating world of philately and numismatics.

Philately, numismatic, paper money, medals and postal history, are all elements of a collection that tells the story of centuries of man's life, have a great substance at the base and introduce us to a world made of culture, knowledge and business. All those things can have a great value, from economic to historical, patriotic and generational.

Stamps, coins, paper money, medals, catalogues, accessories and various materials can thus become an excellent idea for a gift, perhaps a special edition of stamps that will acquire value over time for a friend, a coin for an enthusiast, or an old Italian banknote as a good wish for a loved one, or simply a binder for us collectors where we can store the old Lira.
The work that we have been doing every day for more than 40 years with our customers is to tell and relive our past, our history and culture through Coins and Stamps, all of which makes us relive sensations now gone or dream of the innumerable past historical times.

Our shop is specialized in the purchase and sale of stamps from Italy, San Marino, the Vatican and SMOM, ancient and modern coins, Italian and world coins, Euro coins, Italian and world banknotes, medals and badges, postal history. We evaluate collections for purchase.

Come and meet us and immerse yourself in the network of enthusiasts in the sector, come and see the vast range of materials and accessories on display inside the shop, rely on our expertise and professionalism.

Companies covered by the shop:
Marini, Bolaffi, Masterphil, Abafil, Lindner, Leuchtturm, Sepa.